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Customer Education

One of the biggest issues I run into almost on a daily basis, is the lack of customer education in our biz. Just before Christmas, I was helping a twitter friend with some insight as he was planning to purchase a new TV. He was shopping at the dreadful big box store. I won’t mention which store, but you know who you are big blue!

So my twitter friend is shopping at the big box looking at LCD vs Plasma. Read more »

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US Thanksgiving

Well, today is the US THANKSGIVING! It’s a great day full of family, friends, food, and football. You might ask why a Canadian kid like me is all excited about this day… Well, there are really three reasons for that. 1. My wife is from New York! 2. I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan, we always play on today! 3. I really like food!

So this holiday is perfect for me. I’ve also enjoyed being able to spend most of my thanksgivings the last few years in Westchester county with me wife’s family. We’re nice and close to the city which I always like. Read more »

Oh Christmas Time

I love this time of year. The leaves are down. The weather’s getting colder. Ok, truth be told, I’m not that excited about the cold weather. Although the by product of cold weather is ski season is coming. And that makes me happy. Oh ok, where was I?

Oh yeah. I love this time of year. It’s the start of the Christmas season. I know, all you Americans have yet to really get in the Christmas season. You still have yet to complete both Thanksgiving and Black Friday. And don’t get get me wrong, I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving and the general chaos that is Black Friday. But up here in Canadialand, Christmas is in full force. The paper is full of ads, Walmart is talking about their price matching for Christmas on tv. Heck, I walked out of Home Depot this week as a tractor trailer was uploading Christmas trees! So yeah, it’s in full force. Read more »

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RIM is making me crazy!

Most people who know me, know that I dis-like my BlackBerry. I’m being polite, hence the “dis-like” word versus more accurate words such as “Hate”, “Can’t Stand”, “Drives me crazy”

Why do I hate this phone, ahem, “dis-like” this phone so much. Well, if you remember a few weeks ago… Blackberry had this whole global outage thing. Well, I barely noticed right off the back, because my BlackBerry normally works like a silver-spooned white kid in a manual labour job. Not well (apologies to any hard working silver-spooned white kids working in manual labour jobs)! Read more »

Bad Church Video – Example

So a few days ago, I wrote a blog about how “Church Sound Sucks!” and it hurt to write, yet at the same time I think it needed to be said. So last night I was at an event for a ministry here in our city. It was a banquet, had some great speakers, good food, great people. Well my wife was giving me some bad looks as I cringed occasionally during feedback, ringing, and the occasions pop throughout the night. You know the look, it’s the one that says “Shut it! Don’t you say a word!” Trust me, I know it. I get it a lot! Read more »