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Hilton TV Adventures

So I was heading to Niagara falls this past weekend to attend a conference that was being held at the Hilton Fallsview Hotel. Now we are pretty good level Hilton Honors members and we usually stay either Hilton or Marriott brand properties. So I was pretty excited, I know the hotel is supposed to be pretty nice and recently completed a large renovation.

I called the hotel to book a room and asked about the conference rate, was told that it was a great rate but on a double queen room. Well if you know me, in a nice hotel… that just wont do. So I booked an upgraded suite that overlooked the falls. Why would you go to a hotel called ‘Fallsview’ without having a great view of the falls. Just makes sense, right? Right! Read more »

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Roller Coster Romo

Where do I start… (shakes head), he kills me! What can I say, I love Romo and then I hate Romo. I really, really want to love him, I do! He’s the leader of my favorite football team! The guy who came back into the game in week two, playing with a broken rib and a punctured lung to pull off a win in a game they shouldn’t have won. But Romo toughed it out and played like a beast. Last week, while wearing a flak vest (same as what some cops and US military personnel wear) Romo goes nuts again and pulls off an impressive win seemingly all by himself! His front line weren’t protecting him, his receivers weren’t running the right routes and yet… he propels them to a win. Read more »