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Sep 29, 2011 - Audio Visual, Technology    No Comments

Amazing CEDIA Gear

As I stated in an earlier post, I’m not going to site here and attempt to write an all encompassing review of all the wonderful things that CEDIA had to offer. There are many other writers ridiculously more talented then I whose entire jobs are to cover our wonderful CEDIA events. So yeah, if you want the entire show review, go hit them up! What I want to talk about are the few things that I saw that stuck with me. Let’s roll: Read more »

Sep 16, 2011 - Audio Visual, Technology    No Comments

What I Loved about Cedia 2011

CEDIA 2011 – Let’s roll! Or at least that how I felt after my journey to get to the wonderful city of Indianapolis. I had been in New York City the previous weekend and drove back to London on Tuesday (9 hrs), slept the night and then visited a bunch of customers and job sites in time to leave around 3pm Wednesday for Indy. After another 7+ hours on the road with a break for dinner with my sister and some friends in Lansing, I finally arrived in Indy. I checked in and did some more work in the room, then finally called in a night and tried to grab some sleep in prep for the wonderful experience that is CEDIA! Read more »

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Flickering Flight

I like to travel! I really do, I actually enjoy it. I like flying, I like driving…. I want to try rail travel. I just enjoy the art of traveling.

I was recently took a trip to Florida with my wife. We had a great trip, although a little to short for my liking. Nevertheless, we had a great trip! I was able to sit on the beach, get a little burnt. Do a little surfing, take in a beautiful beach sunrise. See a little history, do a little shopping. One of my favorite parts, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me well. I took in some restaurants! Yeah, that was my favorite part of my trip… I’m a foodie. I know it, don’t judge me. More on that in another post. Back to the topic at hand! Read more »