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Church Sound Sucks!

Of all the venues in the world where the magnificent art of live sound is practiced, churches have to be the worst. Well, that and your local garage band and their definition of sound (read: noise).

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Matt, you got started in this industry BECAUSE of church sound! This is the very reason you have a business, it’s your life. You’re being sacrilegious!” I know, I know… bear with me for a min, you’ll see where I’m going.


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Blackberry’s Nightmare

This week has been pretty rough for all of our friends just down the 401. It had been almost the perfect nightmare for Jim and Mike, from RIM (Research In Motion) makers of the Blackberry. Not only did they have a server failure that has seemingly brought the world of many BlackBerry users, crashing down… But it happened at a most unfortunate time! In a rolling messaging black out that started on Monday in parts of Eastern Europe and Asia, only to sweep the world, beginning to affect the America’s yesterday in the early hours… BlackBerry was looking down for the count. Read more »

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Infectious Tech Love

One of my biggest tech joys in life involves sharing my love of a particular technology with other people. I’m not overly product specific, but I just love to share my love of tech with other people who love, or are falling in love with, a piece of tech!

If you love your tablet… I love mine, let’s talk about how much we love our tablets! You love your XM radio… guess what I love mine too! You love your new computer, well gosh darn… I love all of mine! You love your Blackberry… Read more »

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Goodnight Steve!

Today I expressed some disappointment during a radio interview because Steve Jobs had not shown up at the ‘Lets talk iPhone’ event the day before when Apple announced the iPhone 4S. I had no idea that today the legendary visionary genius that was Jobs, had passed away. This man is responsible for more technology that we as society use every day then arguably anyone else in our modern day. He will be greatly missed! I feel like I’ve lost a close friend, even though we’ve never met. We love you!

Thanks you, Steve! You are one of the reasons I’m in this industry and a techhead!

I was right… and wrong about “Let’s Talk IPhone”!

I hate being wrong, let’s just get that out the way right off that bat! After weeks of waiting and wishing and hoping, Apple had their “Let’s Talk iPhone” event yesterday. What did we know going in… well Apple is bringing a great new iPhone… but only a iPhone 4S to be sure. Everyone was waiting for what we all expected to be a ‘One more thing’ moment, where the highly desired iPhone 5 would be announce with super-phone like powers. Read more »