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Jan 23, 2012 - Apple, Moblie, RIM, Technology    No Comments

RIM gets it right, FINALLY

RIM, or Research In Motion, which ever you prefer has FINALLY made a smart move. The Wall St. Journal is reporting the both Ballsillie and Lazaridis will FINALLY step down as CO-CEOs on Monday morning. Taking over for these two will be Thorsten Hines who is currently the COO. This is all happening amid speculation last week that RIM was in conversations with Samsung to license Blackberry OS10 for some their mobile devices. Read more »

Nov 1, 2011 - london, Moblie, RIM, Technology    No Comments

RIM is making me crazy!

Most people who know me, know that I dis-like my BlackBerry. I’m being polite, hence the “dis-like” word versus more accurate words such as “Hate”, “Can’t Stand”, “Drives me crazy”

Why do I hate this phone, ahem, “dis-like” this phone so much. Well, if you remember a few weeks ago… Blackberry had this whole global outage thing. Well, I barely noticed right off the back, because my BlackBerry normally works like a silver-spooned white kid in a manual labour job. Not well (apologies to any hard working silver-spooned white kids working in manual labour jobs)! Read more »

Oct 13, 2011 - Apple, london, Moblie, RIM, Technology    No Comments

Blackberry’s Nightmare

This week has been pretty rough for all of our friends just down the 401. It had been almost the perfect nightmare for Jim and Mike, from RIM (Research In Motion) makers of the Blackberry. Not only did they have a server failure that has seemingly brought the world of many BlackBerry users, crashing down… But it happened at a most unfortunate time! In a rolling messaging black out that started on Monday in parts of Eastern Europe and Asia, only to sweep the world, beginning to affect the America’s yesterday in the early hours… BlackBerry was looking down for the count. Read more »