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Happy Thanksgiving (pt. 1)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends and family! I trust you enjoyed the weekend with friends and family, remembering all that you can be thankful for.

You may ask why the part 1? Well, because my wife is American… It means I get to celebrate 2 Thanksgiving. Call it my own personal turkey double down, I just spread it out over a month and a bit. Now what depresses me about our Canadian Thanksgiving is the lack of special Thanksgiving football games, granted I was able to watch the Lions become 5-0 in a win of the Bears… So I guess that counts for something.

I trust you had a great weekend… Here’s how I spent my first Thanksgiving weekend. I spent Friday working on a few jobs and then spent a few hours working on building some cabinets. Saturday was more of the same, lots of cabinet building and garage organization. Went to Saturday night prayer and then stopped by a friends house to replace a drain and strainer that was leaking on their kitchen sink. Later that night, We had my younger sister over to watch Fast Five! Sunday was spent at church in the morning, Then some more garage cleaning and organizing so my wife can get her car in the garage this week. Stopped by a neighbor to meet their new 6 week old puppy. Which will probably backfire on my and mean that my wife is even more excited to get a dog! We then headed over to my parents for a family Thanksgiving celebration. It was great, watch some football, play some catch with a football, watch some more football, eat some turkey, hang out with friends and family! A great time for all. Monday morning involved yard work and getting prepped for winter with some fall cleanup and moving some plants around. I trimmed up some trees and then loaded everything for a quick dump run later this week! Went back to my parents for Thanksgiving leftovers and watched the Texas Rangers game, before heading home to finish prep for the week! All in all, a very successful weekend. But what more could you ask for… I got a tan!

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