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Infectious Tech Love

One of my biggest tech joys in life involves sharing my love of a particular technology with other people. I’m not overly product specific, but I just love to share my love of tech with other people who love, or are falling in love with, a piece of tech!

If you love your tablet… I love mine, let’s talk about how much we love our tablets! You love your XM radio… guess what I love mine too! You love your new computer, well gosh darn… I love all of mine! You love your Blackberry… ummm, yeah… I can’t get down with you on that one. Ahhh, you love your new plasma… well, I definitely love mine. Lets talk about it! We can enjoy our mutual love together!

So imagine my enjoyment when this little event transpired though out the day, today. It started when I met Olivia (@Olivia_Lyn on twitter) today. Turns out she’s an #AVTweeps, @JMOTA3 introduced her to the clan today. So she jumps into a conversation I was having on twitter with the aforementioned @JMOTA3, @SciaccaTweets, and @RFregosa about the iPad and it kinda shoddy camera.

Anyways, the conversion turned to computers and @Olivia_Lyn decided to get a mac to replace and old pc. Which of course I agreed and congratulated her on!

I also recommended a line of machines to look at, because I am a pro level guy! I use my computer for a lot of stuff. I work very hard and demand that my computer works just as hard. To me it is a no brainier, if you look at a mac, get a pro. Trust me, you’ll use it!

So I was pretty excited when I saw this tweet come across my desk, because I know that ‘Eeeeeek’! I use the same one, whenever I open a new toy, packaged by the marketing/design master from Apple! You can’t deny it, even their packaging is beautiful!

What is so amazing, and what I love so much about this story, Is how we all got involved in this excitement. I’m in London, Ontario. Olivia and Johnny are both in the Bay Area, California. Rich is from Cali and John is from South Carolina. And yet we were all involved and excited about Olivia’s decision and subsequent purchase! We were like school girls, all giddy and such over the excitement of one of our #AVTweeps finding the joy of a new Apple notebook! We all just came together sharing our collective love of technology! How cool is that!


Again, how cool is it to see this come across my tweetdeck this am:

There is nothing better for me then to see someone fall in love with a new piece of gear! Especially if it’s an Apple! Come on y’all, lets get down with the gadget love!

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