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Blackberry’s Nightmare

This week has been pretty rough for all of our friends just down the 401. It had been almost the perfect nightmare for Jim and Mike, from RIM (Research In Motion) makers of the Blackberry. Not only did they have a server failure that has seemingly brought the world of many BlackBerry users, crashing down… But it happened at a most unfortunate time! In a rolling messaging black out that started on Monday in parts of Eastern Europe and Asia, only to sweep the world, beginning to affect the America’s yesterday in the early hours… BlackBerry was looking down for the count.

Add to their frustration, scores of Apple users waiting patiently for the release for iOS5 yesterday. At 1 PM, seeing Apple servers get jammed with huge demand as people attempted to download and install the latest version of the new OS. Don’t forget, in the beginning of the week, Apple announced that they surpassed 1 Million pre-orders for the iPhone4S in America alone. This must have felt like a kick in the pants for the duo from Waterloo…

This morning I was on AM 1290 with Andy Oudman in London, talking about it. He asked me a very good question: “Should RIM, as a company, be worried?” Could he have asked a more loaded question, I think not! Yes, the most definitely should be worried. There is never a good time for servers to go down, and they do. It’s a fact of life. It happens! But what made this so hard for RIM was that it’s not like the server when down… they fixed it… and everything is better. Their servers went down and it caused a world wide BlackBerry Blackout!

What amazes me is how RIM seemed unable to get out in front of this with the media and social media… and more importantly…


I know that this wasn’t something that was foreseeable, but it’s just another issue that will drive people away and their stock price down! Mike recorded this video (only 350 views on youtube at this posting) in which he apologized and vowed to make it right for all the customers effected by this BlackBerry Blackout. I’m not sure if I believe him? RIM really needs to get a handle on what it’s doing and how to turn it around. I keep waiting for something to blow me away… in a good way! Let’s go RIM, step it up!

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