Bad Church Video – Example

So a few days ago, I wrote a blog about how “Church Sound Sucks!” and it hurt to write, yet at the same time I think it needed to be said. So last night I was at an event for a ministry here in our city. It was a banquet, had some great speakers, good food, great people. Well my wife was giving me some bad looks as I cringed occasionally during feedback, ringing, and the occasions pop throughout the night. You know the look, it’s the one that says “Shut it! Don’t you say a word!” Trust me, I know it. I get it a lot!

So I decided I would try my hardest not to focus on the audio issues and try my best to just enjoy the evening. Well, that worked great. Until they got to the slideshow portion of the night. I’m not a huge fan of your standard PowerPoint slide show, but that’s another topic for another blog!

(Don’t mind the blurry cam, It’s so @LadyPhone_s doesn’t feel alone)

So they get ready to start up the presentation and that’s when I notice this. They have had a company come in and set up a fast-fold rear projection screen in the corner (stage right) of the room. Now if you look at the top of the picture… you will see the lovely look of the 6″ pot light (or high-hat/can light for my American friends) casting wonderful beams of light through the top of the screen’s crush velvet drapery. It’s it pretty! It made the presentation look even better when it was being run, you know, with those the lovely beams of light cascading through every image.

What’s so sad to me is this:

  1. The company that set this screen up SHOULD know better. If you have to setup a screen under a pot light… fine, hop up on a ladder and unscrew the offending bulb!
  2. The guys running the AV, never seemed to notice this lovely light effect. Again, hop up on a ladder and unscrew the bulb. Or at the very least, have someone flip it’s switch during your presentation.

This again is one of those things that should have been noticed by a few people before I noticed it. The Staging Rental company that rented and set up this screen, and the AV techs at the event should have noticed. This is such a simple thing that never should have happened and yet it’s the kind of stuff that happens all the time in the HOW market.

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