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RIM is making me crazy!

Most people who know me, know that I dis-like my BlackBerry. I’m being polite, hence the “dis-like” word versus more accurate words such as “Hate”, “Can’t Stand”, “Drives me crazy”

Why do I hate this phone, ahem, “dis-like” this phone so much. Well, if you remember a few weeks ago… Blackberry had this whole global outage thing. Well, I barely noticed right off the back, because my BlackBerry normally works like a silver-spooned white kid in a manual labour job. Not well (apologies to any hard working silver-spooned white kids working in manual labour jobs)!

So this morning I had another reminder on why I can’t stand my BlackBerry. I’m at the office, trying to tie a few things up and I get a email. My Blackberry buzzes and I read quick email. It’s about scheduling an install for tomorrow. So I’m right on it, confirming we’re all good to go! So I type out a quick reply:

“Perfect, What time does the office open?”

That’s it. I didn’t write a novel, just a quick little 1-line email. I hit send…. and get rewarded with a lovely red X! ‘Equipment failure’ Awesome. I hit resend…. and get rewarded with a lovely red X! This time it was a ‘Network Failure’! So after we play this little game a few more times… my email finally sends.

Goodness, I could have pulled out my mac and waited as it woke up and then responded to the email faster and with much less stress.

So there you have it! A day in the life of this externally frustrated BlackBerry owner! You hear me RIM! I’m talking to you!



Just received a voice mail notice at 12:56! No ring! No missed call! Nothing! Agggggggggg

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