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New BlackBerrys Released – So what?

3 New Blackberrys

Well today RIM (Research in Motion) announced three new phones, nine days after announcing 2,000 layoff globally. I was on AM1290 in London, Ontario this morning for a few minutes to discuss what this means. Here’s a bit of what we discussed:

  • Why release 3 phones at once, globally? -> I’m not surprised by this at all. Normally in the tech world (aside from major industry events, CES, NAB, InfoComm, etc) companies announce one or two products at a time to help build hype. RIM is announcing three! Not a huge deal as these are just really updates on current phones… Nothing to shocking. The interesting part of the announcement is the global aspect. RIM has decided to release these three phones globally and by doing so is trying to show their commitment to the global market. Not a bad thing to do in the current mobile climate.
  • What’s new about these phone? -> Nothing shocking. Which isn’t shocking, unfortunately. What I want to see from RIM is some major innovation in the market like we used to see from them in years past. They are launching a new Bold (9900 & 9930), a touchscreen Torch (9850 & 9860), and a slider torch (9810).
  • Biggest Surprise? -> How excited they are about OS7! Let’s hope it’s awesome. It needs to be!

I’m of the opinion that RIM is still a good company and makes a good product. It’s just hard to sit by and watch them seemingly miss the boat on all realms of the general consumer market. I think they can get back into the game but there needs to be some major innovation over in Waterloo…

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