Jan 23, 2012 - Apple, Moblie, RIM, Technology    No Comments

RIM gets it right, FINALLY

RIM, or Research In Motion, which ever you prefer has FINALLY made a smart move. The Wall St. Journal is reporting the both Ballsillie and Lazaridis will FINALLY step down as CO-CEOs on Monday morning. Taking over for these two will be Thorsten Hines who is currently the COO. This is all happening amid speculation last week that RIM was in conversations with Samsung to license Blackberry OS10 for some their mobile devices.
There has also been rumors of discussions with Microsoft and Nokia about licensing RIM software.

As most of my readers and listeners know, this is something the has been coming for almost a year now. This co-ceo partnership has always been a little silly in my opinion. Reports that Ballsillie will stay on the board are an interesting side line that will be interesting to watch. Either way I think it was definitely time for this management move. Hopefully it’s not too little to late.

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