Apple’s ADD effect

I had a lady from one of our local businesses in my home the other day and she was going over a proposal for some new equipment in my home. While she pulling out her laptop to go over the proposal, she proudly pulled out a brand new MacBookAir! When I say, she was proud, she was PROUD! She gleamed over this piece of beautifully milled aluminum (If you’re a big mac fan… you read that in Johnny Ive’s voice — Al-U-Minium) and was very happy to show it to me. As we went over the proposal, she was was very proud of the beautiful proposal that she had created in numbers. She then was showing me some installed product shots on her ipad which she clutched closely.

Me being a tech-head, we started to talk about her new found love of here Apple devices. Now I remember about 16 months ago when she was in my dining room, showing my some information on a big heavy older windows laptop and she definitely didn’t have the same smile on her face as she worked with her computer. So we got talking about her new found love for her Apple devices. She explained that she started with an iPhone… then bought an iPad… then bought a MacBookAir. She told me how she’s fallen in love with these devices and has become completely dependent on them!

This is something that I’ve noticed many times. People get addicted to their Apple products. I’ve never seen this with any other product, but when you find people who get exposed to an Apple product it really becomes a part of them! People who use Apple products, use them more then they ever used their previous devices!

It seems to be a huge ADD like effect where people just find more and more ways to use them. They continue to use it more and more and find that they get very addicted to them. I don’t know what it is about Apple but its very hard to find people who love their technology as much as Apple users do!

Are you an Apple user? Do you have Apple ADD? Let me know your thoughts!


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