3 Things I LOVE about the New iPad

So yesterday was a very big day in the wonderful world of Apple. It was the release of the much anticipated iPadHD or iPad3 or as it turns out… the New iPad. Apple iPadNow just before I get into the 3 things I love most about this new iPad, let’s look at where Apple is in the world. Yesterday before the DOW opened, Apple (AAPL) was trading at 530.69 a share, albeit down from it’s all time high on March 1st of 544.47 but still screaming hot on the market.’

This is one of those stocks that I personally believe people should have been holding as soon as the first iPhone was released. It really¬† triggered a change in the way in which consumer electronics were not only built but consumed! Take a look at one of the stat’s that Apple talked about in their press event yesterday. In the 4th quarter of last year, Apple sold 15.4 Million iPads worldwide compared to HP selling 15.1 million pc’s world wide. That’s 15.1 M pc’s of all kinds, laptops, netbooks, desktops, all-in-one pc’s… EVERYTHING. Compared to Apple’s 15.4 M iPad sales, of one product with only 6 models total. That’s really impressive. REALLY IMPRESSIVE!

So with that said…

On to the 3 Things I LOVE About The New iPad:

  1. The RETINA Display:

    I have an iPhone4 and it has one of these lovely displays. Ohh, and I love it! I’ve been waiting for this screen to hit the iPad for years, ever since it was announced for the iPhone4. This is a crazy good screen. It’s got a higher resolution then your 1080p HD tv. It’s got 261 dpi and 3.1 million pixels. Let me put that into some perspective. I do alot of graphic work in my spare time, I usually start at 300 DPI and then export at 150 dpi for web use. That means that we are getting a device that has a dpi that is almost as good as full res print. Crazy Good!

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  3. LTE:

    Yeah, I’m loving this. I love seeing this, this is gonna be huge. The iPad will have wi-fi and 4G LTE. SO you ask, what does this mean? Well let me tell you. On 3G you are getting maybe 27 Mbps, yet with LTE you will be able to get up to 75 Mbps. Since the iPad is used primarily for web based applications, whether it is streaming video or an app that just pulls content from the web. This will be extremely fast and will be available for Bell, Rogers, & Telus!

  4. New 5MP Camera:

    This is a big thing even though some people are questioning my excitement. They have added the same 5MP camera that debuted last fall in the iPhone4s to the back camera to the new iPad. They have enhanced some of the optics as well as 1080p HD video. Where this occasionally gets questioned is by people who have a phone or tablet from other manufacturers who debate that they have a 12MP or higher camera on their phone. But let me tell you what… Show me some picture from your 12MP cell phone and I’ll show you a picture from the image sensor on the iPhone4s or the new iPad and you can see the difference the apple sensor can make. Now one of the additional features that I love that relates to the new 5MP camera is the release if iPhoto for the iPad. It’s gonna be pretty amazing!

There are quite a few other features that get me all excited but these are the three biggies. Some of the app updates from Apple will be great and I can’t wait to play with! But this new device will be an amazing piece of technology and I can’t wait to get my hands on one to play with.

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