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Say no to dealerships

I own a big truck! I like my big truck, it’s fun to drive. On top of that, it’s great for work and it hauls like a dream! I bought it from one of the local dealerships here in London. I’ve been really happy with it for the most part, had a few little minor issues that I don’t want to get into at the moment.

A few weeks ago, I had to get it in to get an oil change and while I was there I asked them to take a look at my driver door, because it was squeaking up a storm! Well my great service tech, really tries to take care of me.

He knows that as a business owner, in my field, I can’t afford to be without my truck even for a few hours. So he is always great to make sure I have a demo to drive while my truck is getting serviced. So I leave and let them take care of business. I was told I’d get a call as soon as my truck was done so that I could truly get back to work.

So the day passes and I don’t get a call telling me my truck is done, granted I do get two calls about additional work that must be preformed. Some of which I give the go ahead on and some that I didn’t jump on. Anyways the day passes and I still don’t hear anything on my truck being finished. I finished with an appointment around 6:30 and finally decided that I’m going to half to call myself. I call the dealership, yup it’s done, been done for an hour. But I can’t get up there till around 7:30.

I go in to get the truck, pay my bill and as I’m walking out to my truck, I’m reading the paperwork and see what I want to see… “Door Squeaking — Lubed and Greased, no longer squeaking”. Just what I wanted to see. Problem is, I grab the handle give it a little pull and what do I hear… Squeak! No albeit, it’s much quieter then it was when I dropped it off, but it’s still there. Unfortunately it’s late and I just want to go home, not to mention the service department is closed.

So where am I going with this post… Well it was a few weeks before I had a chance to address this again. So today I stopped by my local mechanics shop, Ultra Auto Care in south London. I was going in to talk about a completely different situation. But as I got out, my door squeaked again, so I decided to ask Dale, one of the owners, about it while I was there. Dale being the great guy he is, went into the shop and grabbed be a can, told me to spray the hinge. Now I only asked him what I should use on it, not if he had something I could use. I jog out to the truck and spray the hinge. I take the can back as him what I owe him… Nothing he says. By the end of night my door is quieter then a church mouse. Love it! Did I mention when I was at the dealership, I paid for them to not fix my squeaking door.

So what does this make me think. If you’re gonna run a business, the bottom line is to take care of a your customers. Especially if you are already more expensive then your competition, you’ve got to actually follow through.

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