Hilton TV Adventures

So I was heading to Niagara falls this past weekend to attend a conference that was being held at the Hilton Fallsview Hotel. Now we are pretty good level Hilton Honors members and we usually stay either Hilton or Marriott brand properties. So I was pretty excited, I know the hotel is supposed to be pretty nice and recently completed a large renovation.

I called the hotel to book a room and asked about the conference rate, was told that it was a great rate but on a double queen room. Well if you know me, in a nice hotel… that just wont do. So I booked an upgraded suite that overlooked the falls. Why would you go to a hotel called ‘Fallsview’ without having a great view of the falls. Just makes sense, right? Right! Anyways, that room wasn’t under the discounted rate and the lady who manages that group rate wasn’t in. No problem, book the room we’ll work the rest out later. My office called back while the group booking manager was in and got it all taken care of.

So we checked into the hotel and got checked in, checked out the room… 33rd floor, really nice view. So we get settled and I start to get to work, I always work alot while in hotel rooms. I turn on my TV as I start working, and it’s in Black and White. I check a couple channels and yepp, it’s in Black and White. Ok whatever, I call housekeeping and they send a guy up. While waiting for the tech, i tweeted this:
So I wait for 30 mins or so and since he still hasn’t come up, I leave the room and go grab some dinner. I come back from a nice little pasta dinner and viola, I’ve got colour on my tv and had received this response to my tweet.
Great, pretty good response time too. 35 mins since i posted, not bad! I work a little more, watch some pre-NFL Draft coverage on ESPN (I’m not sure how you managed to have ESPN and Direct TV in a Canadian Hotel, but Kudos Hilton, Kudos!) and then head down to my meeting.

The next morning I wake up and go to turn on my TV and catch the news without and issues. But not much time to chill, I’ve got a meeting to run and don’t have time to deal with this. I run the meetings and get back to the room later that afternoon and my TV’s back to B&W. Awesome, don;t they realize that its day 2 of the draft! I need to know what’s going on! So having already starting a conversation with @HiltonHotels I decided another tweet was in order.
Then I get this response from Hilton:
Sounds great, I send them my details and wait to hear from them. I in the meantime, I had called housekeeping to have them send someone up to get this fixed again. The guy shows up and I start questioning him to get some insight to why this is tripping out! We discuss and determine that by restarting the TV and unplugging the data cord to the screen is powered down, it seems to be resetting the system and fixing the problem. Ok, I’m sure there is a larger problem here, but I like a quick easy solution. I get some more work done and go grab dinner overlooking the falls. Great way to enjoy a steak, watching a millions of gallons of water rushing over a cliff. We finish dinner and join the evening meeting. I get back to the room… work a little bit longer on some cool stuff you will be seeing very soon. Ohh and the TV is still working.

I ended up getting to bed around 2 AM after working pretty late. Slept very hard on the Hilton Heavenly bed (I would love to buy one of these, my favorite hotel bed) to be awaken around 8:20 by the sound of the fire alarm. Yeah, it kinda added insult to injury. I was beat and sleepingĀ  pretty hard, only to be jarred awake. Now to be honest, I really don’t know what to do in this area. Should I run down the stairs, take the elevator, stay in the room, pack my computers and gear… I don’t know. I’m 33 floors up. I don’t need a 33 floor stair climb right after I wake up. after about 20 mins it shut off and we were given the ‘All Clear’ by the hotel staff. I did, during this time, check the hallways, look out the windows, etc but as I said… I really don’t know what to do in these situations. Turns out it was some idiot, trying to steal a smoke in a stairwell. Unbelievable!

But since I was up, I wanted to check out what they were predicting for day 3 of the draft and low and behold, my TV was in B&W again! Now having discussed this quick fix with the techs from the day before, I was able to shut it down and unplug the data cable, wait a sec… plug the data cable back in and then turn the TV back on! Presto… Colour! Not before I snapped a pic and tweeted it. Come on, three days in a row! I couldn’t resist!

At this point, @HiltonHotels and I are becoming very good twitter friends.

Now, I had a pretty busy day and my TV was working properly. This was keeping me very happy as I was working away. Later on that evening I got this lovely comment from my good friends @HiltonHotels.
Which as you can see, was a very nice gesture, and I did and always do enjoy the Heavenly bed.


So after this exchange, they DM me asking for my email address and when we returned to our room, we had a voice mail from one of the managers asking us to connect with them in the morning before we check out.


So we’ll see what that’s about when I get up later this morning. I must say, besides the faulty TV and the insanely annoying fire alarm wake up call… I really enjoyed my stay and would totally recommend this hotel to friends. I’m thinking I should come back and bring my wife! But only if they fix the TV!

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