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Flickering Flight

I like to travel! I really do, I actually enjoy it. I like flying, I like driving…. I want to try rail travel. I just enjoy the art of traveling.

I was recently took a trip to Florida with my wife. We had a great trip, although a little to short for my liking. Nevertheless, we had a great trip! I was able to sit on the beach, get a little burnt. Do a little surfing, take in a beautiful beach sunrise. See a little history, do a little shopping. One of my favorite parts, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me well. I took in some restaurants! Yeah, that was my favorite part of my trip… I’m a foodie. I know it, don’t judge me. More on that in another post. Back to the topic at hand!

We left from our wonderful beach experience to depart for home from the Florida coast. First leg of our trip, awesome! Breezed through check-in, got a nice little exit-row seat upgrade! (Thanks, Delta) Sailed through security, without a problem. Pretty good considering I had 2 phones, 2 laptops & 1 iPad. Got on the flight, nice and quick to our layover in ATL. Now minor aside, I like big airports – they’re cool. I don’t have a problem with ATL, it’s nice BUT it’s huge. Back to it, So we land, change terminals and get over to our gate. I do a quick check… yup the plane is here and ready to go. Great, We’ve got some time to grab dinner before boarding. We grab a quick din-din, and walk back to our gate. PROBLEM – There is a plane there, but it’s not our plane. It’s going to HPN, not to DTW where I need to arrive later tonight. Quick status check: The CHANGED THE GATE! Ohh, AND THE TERMINAL!

So here we are, after a very peaceful and relaxing va-ca, running through ATL trying to get to the right terminal on time. Long story short, we got to the right gate in the right terminal and there awaiting us is our plane… and everyone who is on it. Luckily for us, they are now backed up and not even boarding yet. Another plus little exit-row seat upgrade! (Thanks again, Delta!). So we get on the plane and get stuck in a back-up and weather delay. 1.5 hours on the tarmac waiting to take off! Oh well, weather, what do ya do! But that brings me to the main focus as our title reveals. While waiting on the tarmac, Delta introduced us to their safety video. I’ve seen this before. Not a bad video, she does scare me a little bit, but what do you do! This was my problem! A little bit of flickering. Take a look!

Not a good look Delta, not a good look at all! Not only was the flickering just ridicules but really 17″ tube monitors! I can’t stand watching this, it’s crazy! How does this happen? Who is the AV company that is servicing these planes. I can tell you this much, people aren’t paying attention to your safety video with all that flickering going on! You know why? It HURTS! If you aren’t going to use video right… don’t use it at all! It just looks bad!

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