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Tech storm

I was working away early this afternoon, updating a website for a customer of mine. While in the exciting world of paypal ‘buy it now’ buttons I heard a loud gust of wind. Now let’s be clear, I was in an office without a radio, no tv just me, my wordpress admin panel and a paypal page. Completely engulfed in my work when I heard the sound of my iPhone vibrate on the counter. I flip it over to see a tweet about weather in London. A tornado warning to be exact.

That was 8 pm, let backtrack to the middle of the day! I was in middle of a prewire when my stomach growling could no longer be contained. So me and my compadre hopped into the OAV Yukon to grab a footlong from Subway. While waiting to order my 12″ turkey breast my blackberry buzzed to alert me to a tweet. My good friend Ken AKA @borgcustom (follow him, great guy, fellow #Avtweeps member) mentioned me to inform me of a tornado watch being issued for London. This is amazing! I listen to XM in the truck, iPod on site, never watch local news. If it wasn’t for my good friend Ken and our Social Media, I’d never know there was even a possibility of a tornado. This is how far things have come. Hearing about a weather alert for London from a guy who lives on the east end of Toronto.

Back to my initial story… So I’m working away when my twitter feed starts to get jammed up with #lndont weather updates… I start seeing reports of possible funnel clouds west of London. I run outside, yup, twitter didn’t lie to me. Looks black! I head for home, get home just as the rain starts. Out of habit ingrained in my by my grandmother, I flip on the weather network and try to see what’s going on…. All the while watching as my wife and I are glued to our iPhones checking weather maps, twitter, and facebook. After only a few minutes, the tv’s off as we realize that sm is giving us a much better picture of what’s going on then our friends at TWN. We rode out the storm, glued to my twitter feed. When did we become such huge consumers of sm and tech in general i don’t know for certain but what i was most concerned with was What I would have done if the power went out and my network went down… Didn’t even want to think that way. I’m not addicted to tech! Not at all!

I kept my blackberry and telus’ spotty network coverage on ready alert just in case!


  • WeatherUnderground for the win.

    I also keep a weather radio with the “turn on when alert” setting, just in case. Especially watching something with big sound in the theater.

    • I keep meaning to get one of those! When there is an alert it can really scare ya when they kick on.

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