I hate the cable company

So for the last 3 or 4 days, my cable has been going crazy. I can’t get certain channels, my on-demand won’t work. Agggggg! I wasn’t able to watch the CBS sunday football line up, and let me tell you… That is cutting to my heart. Don’t mess with a mans football, that ain’t right! Ya hear me! Then to make matters worse, last night I couldn’t catch the start of my Yankees game.say it with me y’all… That ain’t right!

So tonight I decide it’s time deal with this problem. I reset my box, re-set all connections, natta! Did I tell you I’m paying money for this garbage. So I make the required call to the tech support, which by the way, cuts me to the core. Did I mention that I hate calling cable tech support. And I don’t mean hate, like I don’t like mug root beer (more of a Barq’s man myself, remember Barq’s got bite). I mean hate like I hate the red sox (27 time world champ Yankee fan over here). Anyways, so I hate calling tech support, but I do and I sit on hold for the next 30 mins while being reminded that this call may be recorded for training purposes. Agggggg, finally I start talking to Mike. Now Mike’s a nice guy, he doesn’t know he’s talking to a ESC (Custom Integrator, if that suits you) so he gets a pass for the stupid questions. So he directs me to tighten the cable connections. Yup, done it, I’ve also reset the box and power cycled it. So I mention this to Mike, and he politely asks me to do it again… Which I do. Still notta! He asks me to do it again and this time he’ll initialize the box. Really,you couldn’t do that the first time.

Well that time it worked, and I’ve got my cable back up but just as I was about to hang up the phone…my wife walked in and asked if that was the cable company on the phone. So I hand the phone over as we get transferred to billing. It would seem that we were getting this wonderful perk called ‘Bundling’, well that is until February. When it stopped. It’s not like it’s a lot of money, it’s only like 5% on our bill, but it’s still 5%! So the helpful billing agent says there’s nothing he can do. Nothing? Like nothing, or you have no power nothing? So my ever wonderful negotiating powerhouse I married, asked for a manager. Gets told there isn’t a manager around, so after 15 mins of arguing with this guy he finally transfers her to customer retention. She gets talking with the agent who, shockingly enough, actually seems to want to help! I know right! Blew my mind too!

So this agent is pleasant enough, and tells us she can’t pro-rate it or back date it. Now I’m getting worried, but she redeemed herself. What she tells us she can do, is knock 30% off our bill for the next 6 months! Yeah, I can get down with that! So at least it was a bright end to my ‘I hate the cable co’ rant! Granted I’m still getting screwed compared to our neighbors to the south! But, at least this was a start. Ohhh and I’m watching on-demand right now!

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