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Roller Coster Romo

Where do I start… (shakes head), he kills me! What can I say, I love Romo and then I hate Romo. I really, really want to love him, I do! He’s the leader of my favorite football team! The guy who came back into the game in week two, playing with a broken rib and a punctured lung to pull off a win in a game they shouldn’t have won. But Romo toughed it out and played like a beast. Last week, while wearing a flak vest (same as what some cops and US military personnel wear) Romo goes nuts again and pulls off an impressive win seemingly all by himself! His front line weren’t protecting him, his receivers weren’t running the right routes and yet… he propels them to a win. Read more »

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Amazing CEDIA Gear

As I stated in an earlier post, I’m not going to site here and attempt to write an all encompassing review of all the wonderful things that CEDIA had to offer. There are many other writers ridiculously more talented then I whose entire jobs are to cover our wonderful CEDIA events. So yeah, if you want the entire show review, go hit them up! What I want to talk about are the few things that I saw that stuck with me. Let’s roll: Read more »

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What I Loved about Cedia 2011

CEDIA 2011 – Let’s roll! Or at least that how I felt after my journey to get to the wonderful city of Indianapolis. I had been in New York City the previous weekend and drove back to London on Tuesday (9 hrs), slept the night and then visited a bunch of customers and job sites in time to leave around 3pm Wednesday for Indy. After another 7+ hours on the road with a break for dinner with my sister and some friends in Lansing, I finally arrived in Indy. I checked in and did some more work in the room, then finally called in a night and tried to grab some sleep in prep for the wonderful experience that is CEDIA! Read more »

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Cool stores

I have a wide range of stores that I really enjoy window shopping and shopping at. One of my favorites by far is Restoration Hardware! I love this store, and by love I mean I LOVE this store.

I can’t wait until I have a home that allows me the space to decorate with prices from them. I love how so many of their pieces are on such a large scale with the perfect blend of workmanship and old world charm. Read more »

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Tech storm

I was working away early this afternoon, updating a website for a customer of mine. While in the exciting world of paypal ‘buy it now’ buttons I heard a loud gust of wind. Now let’s be clear, I was in an office without a radio, no tv just me, my wordpress admin panel and a paypal page. Completely engulfed in my work when I heard the sound of my iPhone vibrate on the counter. I flip it over to see a tweet about weather in London. A tornado warning to be exact. Read more »